Item #8937 Georges Simenon Typescript signed (Ts) page from the 1978 novel "The Family Lie" Georges Joseph Christian SIMENON.

Georges Simenon Typescript signed (Ts) page from the 1978 novel "The Family Lie"

Date Published: 1978
Binding: No binding

Typescript sheet signed:

• 10.5 x 8.5 inches (26.5cm x 21.5cm) Ts signed by Georges Simenon, 1985. Near-fine condition.

The Family Lie book was published 1n 1978.

Doctor Malempin decides to take his family on vacation to the South. It's his last day in the hospital and he's busy, excited about the impending departure. Arriving home, he finds his young son, Bilot, has fallen ill with diphtheria. As he watches over his son, he is struck by the gaze of the child who never takes his eyes off him and wonders what memory Bilot will keep of him later. From then on, Malempin begins to reflect on his past: how was the image of his own father formed in him and could the same thing happen again with his son? This is a remarkable study of family relationships, destructive and constructive, and of a father's unspoken communication with a beloved, threatened child.

Georges Simenon was a Belgian-born French novelist. During 1923-33 he wrote more than 200 pseudonymous books of pulp fiction. His first novel under his own name was The Case of Peter the Lett (1931), in which he introduced one of the best-known characters in detective fiction, the Parisian police official Inspector Maigret. He wrote some 80 more Maigret novels, as well as about 130 psychological novels, numerous short stories, and autobiographical works, and was one of the most prolific and widely published authors of the 20th century. Simenon's central theme is the essential humanity of even the isolated, abnormal individual and the sorrow at the root of the human condition. Employing a style of rigorous simplicity, he evokes a prevailing atmosphere of neurotic tensions with sharp economy. Quoted from Answers online site. Simenon retired as a novelist in 1973.

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