Item #8879 Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters. Kingsley AMIS.
Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters
Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters
Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters
Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters
AMIS, Kingsley (1922-1995)

Kingsley Amis collection of 8 TLS letters

Date Published: 1968 to 1990
Binding: No binding

Sir Kingsley William Amis CBE was English and widely known as a comic novelist of life in mid to late 20th-century Britain, but his literary work covered many genres - poetry, essays, criticism, short stories, food and drink, anthologies, and several novels in genres such as science fiction and mystery. He wrote more than 20 novels, Lucky Jim among them, six volumes of poetry, a memoir, short stories, radio and television scripts, and works of social and literary criticism.

8 TLS:

• TLS to M.W. Espry Jr., 7 August 1968, re providing an autograph to Espy.

• 4 TLS to Pauline [Melville?], 9 June 1988, 8 July 1988, 28 September 1988, and 19 January 1989. With a slip “with the compliments of” and his address. Amis refers to a dinner sponsored by the Sunday Express, his book entitles Difficulties with Girls, Pauline’s health, her two-day vacation on the Moors, and the death of her parrot.

• TLS to Mr. Threadgold, 14 April 1988. “Thank you for your letter, and I now enclose your bookplates, duly signed. Indeed, my breakfast was not ruined, and I appreciate your concern.”

• TLS to Anthony Lee, 9 June 1988, glad that Lee enjoys his books, just finished writing one, starting to write another, does not send photos to people he hasn’t met.

• TLS to Mr. [Keith] Polyblank, 4 July 1990, thanking him for letter about Amis’s knighthood.

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