Item #8340 Holograph letter from Arthur Hodgson to Sir Frederick Young. Sir Arthur HODGSON, Sir Frederick YOUNG, provenance.
Holograph letter from Arthur Hodgson to Sir Frederick Young
HODGSON, Sir Arthur (1818-1902)  & YOUNG, Sir Frederick 1817-1913] (provenance)

Holograph letter from Arthur Hodgson to Sir Frederick Young

Date Published: 1888
Binding: No binding

Holograph letter signed. Two pages, 7 x 4-1/2 inches. Dated Clapton House, Stratford-on-Avon. January 27, 1888. A letter of congratulations on the recent honor Sir Frederick Young has received, noting it was long over-due.

Sir Arthur Hodgson Anglo-Australian pioneer, squatter, politician and squire. Hodgson was educated at Eton from 1828–33 and then entered the Royal Navy and was a midshipman from 1833–37 on HMS Canopus on the China station. In 1837–38 he studied at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. In 1839 Hodgson moved to Australia. In the 1846 publication, Reminiscences of Australia with Hints on the Squatters' Life, Hodgson's brother describes the conflict involved in the taking of land ownership from Aboriginal Australians. Hodgson entered political life as the prime mover of the Moreton Bay and Northern Districts Separation Association, but his trenchant advocacy of convict labour, colonial peerages, National education and a restricted franchise drew the fire of the lower orders. In 1870 Hodgson returned to England.

Sir Frederick Young K.C.M.G., was born on 21 June 1817 in Limehouse, London, the son of George Frederick Young, M.P. He was educated in Homerton before becoming a merchant in London. In 1869 he began an association with the Royal Colonial Institute that was to last for the rest of his life and saw him become the Institute's Vice-President and Honorary Secretary. He was awarded in 1888 with his K.C.M.G. status. Young served as a J.P. and Deputy-Lieutenant. He promoted the permanent union of the colonies with the Mother Country and published works on imperial federation and the empire. He also travelled widely, visiting Canada, Greece, South Africa and Turkey.
Item #8340

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