Item #8272 Modes of Recognition in the Templar Order of Canada. Templar Order of Canada.
Modes of Recognition in the Templar Order of Canada
Templar Order of Canada

Modes of Recognition in the Templar Order of Canada

Date Published: 1878
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4pp. handwritten 1878 Templar note on lined paper with subjects (S.) in light purple ink and response (R.) in black ink regarding modes of recognition in the Templar Order of Canada . Note written for George Otis Tyler Past Eminent Commander, Burlington, No. 2 Commander, Burlington, Vermont, U. S., Honorary Provincial Grand Prior of Great Priory of Canada.

Flat size: 10 x 8 inches folded once now to 5 x 8 inches.

S. Entrance word and sign demanded of candidate - R. That of the Royal Arch as given in England - "Jehovah"

S. Reveretul Sign - used also at Prayers - R. Place right hand on heart - bend forward the head and with the left hand shade the eyes - S. Sign and hand of a crusader - R. Golgooha - clench the right hand with thumb pointing upwards placing it under the chin - there dart the hand up to the forehead - and pass it across backwards and forewards twice as if soiling - after which lower the hand with the arm stretched by the side - If the sword is in the hand it is done in the same manor - first bringing the hilt in front of the chin and moot - the blade perpendicular there raise hilt to forehead - pass backwards and forward horizontally

- then lower the sword to full length of the arm pointing to the ground

There are 5 more subjects and responses on p.2 & 3.

p.4 - Confidential RNII For Bro. George Otis Tyler E. Pond Burlington No. 2 Commanding Burlington with fraternal regards from the Grand Prior of Canada January 1878

Sir Knight George Otis Tyler Templar background...

"It is with much pleasure that I inform you that at the third Annual Assembly of the Great Priory of Canada, at Montreal, P. Q., Oct, 11 1878, at the suggestion of the Great Prior, our worthy Grand Treasurer, Sir Knight George Otis Tyler, was elected an Honorary Provincial Sub-Prior of the Great Priory of Canada. This compliment to Sir Knight Tyler appears on their printed records, and a notice of it was communicated to me in a pleasant and courteous phrase by Sir Knight Macleod-Moore, the Great Prior."
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