Wilfrid Laurier "in office" 1905 typed letter signed marked Private. Sir Wilfrid LAURIER, Sir Donald Alexander SMITH, 1st Baron Strathcona, Mount Royal, provenance.
Wilfrid Laurier "in office" 1905 typed letter signed marked Private

Wilfrid Laurier "in office" 1905 typed letter signed marked Private

Date Published: 1905
Edition: 1st Edition

4 pages (2 pages with content) , very good condition

Private Prime Minister's Office, Ottawa, 11th April, 1905. Handwritten "Private"

My Dear Lord Strathcona,

I am sorry that I cannot send you by this mail, the Order of Council and the official letter, as it has been understood between us. They are quite ready; in fact, I feel sure that they shall be forwarded this week.

I desire to renew the request that you should yourself deal with the charges that have been brought against certain officials connected with the Canadian service in England. We trust altogether in your judgement, and we will carry out whatever recommendation, you deem advisable to make no dismissal, but to recommend a transfer of some official to other parts and to other duties and functions, we shall be prepared to accept the suggestion. Should there be a vacancy in the secretaryship of the High Commissioner's Office, you will be at liberty to select a temporary person until a permanent secretary can be found. At present, we have nobody in view to take the position.

With regard to the presentation from the Canadian people and Government to H.M.S. ''Dominion'', we will be prepared to put in any amount you think advisable, and probably some five or six thousand dollars. With my best wishes for a successful journey

Believe me as ever, my dear Lord Strathcona,

Yours very sincerely,

Wilfrid Laurier

The Right Honourable,

Lord Strathcona and Mount-Royal


Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, death was 21st January, 1914. He was a Scottish-born Canadian businessman who became one of the British Empire's foremost builders and philanthropists. He became commissioner, governor and principal shareholder of the Hudson's Bay Company. He was president of the Bank of Montreal and with his first cousin, Lord Mount Stephen, co-founded the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and afterwards represented Montreal in the House of Commons of Canada. He was Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 1896 to 1914. He was chairman of Burmah Oil and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. He was chancellor of McGill University (1889–1914)[1] and the University of Aberdeen.

Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919) was Canada's seventh and first French Prime Minister, holding office 1896-1911. Laurier was born in St. Lin, Quebec. He received a law degree from McGill University in 1864, and practiced law in Montreal and Arthabaskville from 1864-1896. Wilfrid Laurier was Liberal party leader from 1887 until his death in 1919 . His nearly 45 years (1874-1919) of service in the House of Commons stands as a record in Canadian politics.
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