Robert Hichens collection. Robert Smythe HICHENS.
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection
Robert Hichens collection

Robert Hichens collection

Date Published: 1902 to 1932
Binding: No binding & hard cover

Robert Hichens was an English journalist, novelist, playwright, short story writer, autobiographer, music critic and lyricist. The Garden of Allah (1904) a romance set in Northern Africa that sold nearly a million copies and was adapted for both stage and was made into a film three times.

This collection contains 16 items dating from 1902 to 1932, specifically 14 autographed letters signed, a partial letter, 1 book with ALS affixed and 1 signed photo.

14 ALS;

• ALS to Miss Chappell, Wednesday, sending thanks for a ticket to an unspecified event, and replying: "Like an ass I have engaged myself to a dinner on the 11th. But may I keep the ticket & try to escape early?... Yesterday I spent two hours with Beerbohm Tree careering all over London in his new motor car. He was very funny. . . . So Miss Luani is superstitious I am so glad. I like superstitious people...."

• ALS to Mr. Halsey, 22 May ?, “I accept with great pleasure. Many thanks.”

• Bottom part of ALS, n.d., three lines of text “at the country. I hope for ? will soon quite recover. I love your house of garden. Yrs. very sincerely.”

• ALS addressed “Dear Mitford”, Wednesday 1905, re dining together at Frascati in Oxford.

• ALS to Mr. Grau, 3 October 1911, “Many thanks for your letter. There are photographs of me at Marceau's in fifth Avenue. I hope your last volume may be very successful. Of course your name is very familiar to me. I am keeping your enclosure in case I am unable to take yr. book back when I leave.”

• ALS to Mrs. Riggs (i.e. Kate Douglas Wiggin, the American author of American children’s stories), 12 October 1911: “I feel pleased that you care so much to be at the first performance of our play. I have handed in your letter. Naturally I am anxious to meet you, but I fear I dare not accept invitations now. We are so terribly busy. I get pretty well tired out. I wish I were more free but it cannot be helped.... I dine at 7 arrive at the theatre at 8.”

• ALS to Mr. Viebeck, 12 October 1911, not able to meet him due to his attendance at rehearsals.

• ALS to Lady White, 31 May 1918, replying: “Of course I remember you & would gladly come to see you. . . . But I have given up London life for the present & don't expect to be there for an age."

• ALS addressed Dear Sir (Albert Phillips), 24 March 1926, with envelope, sorry that he won’t be in London towards the end of June, will be in Switzerland from the beginning of May.

• ALS addressed Dear Sir, 4 February 1928, has written in the book, apologizes for the book not being sent.

• ALS to Mr. Green, 27 June 1928, has been travelling, just returned home, book being sent today.

• ALS addressed Dear Sir, 10 December 1930, saying that he’ll do what the person wants and that he’ll be Paris until 22 Dec. and then in Switzerland (addresses provided).

• ALS addressed Dear Sir, 20 May 1931, telling his correspondent that he’ll autograph the book if it’s sent to him.

• ALS to Miss Edwards, 14 November 1920, thanking her kind note about his play.

1 Book with ALS affixed;

• Felix (London: Methuen, 1902), red cloth, bottom front cover rippled, with ALS (attached to front pastedown) to Lady Bective (Alice Maria Hill Taylor), 17 August 1905, re en famille, visiting her for 2 nights, hoping to time the visit in September when his mother foes from Leasdale to London.

1 Signed Photo;

• B&w photo of Hichens seated at a table, signature, 30 dated January 1932. N.E.A. on reverse

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