Alfred Austin collection. Alfred AUSTIN.
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection
Alfred Austin collection

Alfred Austin collection

Date Published: 1895 to 1910
Binding: No binding

Austin Alfred was an English critic, novelist and political journalist and appointed UK Poet Laureate in 1896.

"He was included in a famous anthology of bad poetry, but the kind view is that at his best he was ‘a true but not a great poet." quoted from The Thoresby Society, The Leeds Library.

The collection contains 16 items in total: 2 signed manuscripts of poems; 12 Autographed Letters Signed and 3 Ephemera all covering time from 1895 to 1910.

2 signed manuscripts of poems;

• Signed ms. of "Together! | Dedicated | In the warmest sympathy | To | The American People”, 8" × 12.5" sheet, verses I, II, and III, circa 1902.

• Signed ms. of “Margery”, 1 p., from Flodden Field (1903) reads: “Roses are in September yet more sweet | Than in the lavish loveliness of June, | And are by us more fondly cherished; | Loved guests that are about to go away | When we would have them linger”.

12 Autographed Letters Signed;

• ALS to Clare Ford, 2 pp., 5 March 1895, thanking her for her kindness and planning to see you during his stay in Florence.

• ALS addressed Dear Madame, 31 September 1896, acknowledging her letter and signing his letter for her autograph collection.

• ALS to Mr. Ward, 3 pp., 11 January 1896, re Vanity Fair has asked Austin to invite him over for a visit.

• ALS to Mrs. LeSage, 2 pp., 24 January 1900, Austin sends a sincere acknowledgment to his correspondent for the interest they have shown in the publication of To Arms!, remarking “I did not fail to see, & to be gratified, by the generous paragraph that appeared yesterday in The Daily Telegraph”, with blank integral leaf (slight traces of former mounting to the verso.

• ALS to Harper & Brothers, 2 pp., 11 April 1902, that he wants copies of his latest book to be sent to Mr. Roosevelt, Secretary Hay, and David Munro.

• ALS to Mr. Young, 4 pp., 28 May 28, 1903, requesting that Young should give a small donation to the Benevolent society as compensation for Austin’s autograph.

• ALS headed Private and addressed Dear Sir, 3 pp., on printed letterhead of Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, Kent, 9 April 1906, stating “I observed, after the Post had gone, that I had sent you only a portion… of the letter I had written; but . . . I had decided not to publish it, & sent it only to show you that I had seriously considered your scheme & the stage it had reached. . . . [Illegible figure] is but an insignificant sum for the larger purpose to which I referred; &, should it assume the requisite proportion, I am strongly disposed to feel that the contribution I should then gladly offer, should be anonymously given. I receive letter after letter, in which writers assume I am a modern 'Man of Boys[?]', & possess means far beyond the reality; &, were my name to be given as a subscriber, these solicitations wd even increase in number….”

• ALS addressed Dear Sir, 3 pp., 5 June 1907, that he has left the publication of the "Coronation Poem" up to the discretion of the agent.

• ALS addressed Dear Julie, 19 May 1908, asking whether the gloves belong to her or Miss Tower.

• ALS to Hamilton Holt, 15 March 1910, thanking Holt for payment and wishing him better health.

• ALS addressed Dear Fanny, 1 January 1891, glad to hear from her, looks forward to receiving anything from her friends, never in London for any length of time, hopes to meet her.

• ANS poem signed, 6 lines, “This, too, be your glory great | Primroses, you do not wait,….”, stanza from “Primroses”, Soliloquies in Song (1882), dated 25 June 1896. On a printed sheet with heading, “THE AUTOGRAH COLLECTION OF | HOWES NORRIS, JR.” Norris (1867-1938) of Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.

3 Ephemera;

• Vanity Fair, lithograph color caricature “the Laureate”, 20 February 1896.

• Caricature from Life magazine, n.d.

• Miniature photo card, Ogden’s Guinea Gold Cigarettes, card #95.

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