Item #5878 Holograph letter from Edward Feild Bishop of Newfoundland. Rev. Edward FEILD, Rev. William T. Bullock.
Holograph letter from Edward Feild Bishop of Newfoundland
FEILD, Rev. Edward (1801-1876) & Rev. William T. Bullock (1797-1874)

Holograph letter from Edward Feild Bishop of Newfoundland

Date Published: 1851
Binding: No binding


2pp. letter, 4-1/2 x 6-3/4 inches. Dated Oct. 28/(18)51 and from Trimont House (Hotel)

Rev. Dear Sir, I regret very much that I was not in the hotel when you did me the favour of calling; and yet more that it has not been within my power to return your visit. I hope you believe that I have only been prevented calling Rev. Tos A? Clinch in you by accept actions which though not matters of business I was not well able to set aside. I must even now leave many matter of untruth from instruction? with out examination. I will gladly take charge of the little parcel you have entrusted to my care and will see information to Wm. Bullock. I am ???? Faithfull brother servant Ew Newfoundland [Edward Feild also signed letters Edward Newfoundland]

Rev. Edward Feild was a university tutor, university examiner, Anglican clergyman, inspector of schools and second Bishop of Newfoundland. Feild served as Bishop of Newfoundland from 1844 to 1876, also holding the posts of Archdeacon of Newfoundland and Archdeacon of Bermuda. He was considered for the See of Lincoln in 1851 and turned down the See of Montreal in 1868. His greatest monuments now are probably his cathedral, Bishop Feild College in Newfoundland which bears his name, and Feild Hall, the postgraduate student residence of Memorial University of Newfoundland. In England, the local state school in Kidlington is called Edward Feild Primary School.


Rev. William T. Bullock (1797-1874)

Rector of St. Luke's Cathedral Halifax. In 1833, Rev. Bullock made a road map of Trinity naming roads and places of residence. Rev. William Bullock in 1823 he married Mary Clinch, daughter of John Clinch (1748-1819), the former missionary at Trinity
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