Pierre E. Trudeau typed and signed letter responding to an invitation to support "Exchange for Political Ideas in Canada" EPIC. Pierre Elliot TRUDEAU.
Pierre E. Trudeau typed and signed letter responding to an invitation to support "Exchange for Political Ideas in Canada" EPIC

Pierre E. Trudeau typed and signed letter responding to an invitation to support "Exchange for Political Ideas in Canada" EPIC

Place Published: Montreal
Date Published: 1963
Edition: 1st Edition


8-1/2 x 11 inches, on Université de Montreal blue engraved logo letterhead with typed Public Law Research Institute.

Pierre Trudeau typed and signed, Pierre E. Trudeau, 1963 letter responding to an invitation from a July 26, 1963 letter (carbon copy of this letter included) to participate in a new concept called "Exchange for Political Ideas in Canada".

EPIC was "a Canada-wide Fabian-type society" sponsored by the Ontario Woodsworth Memorial Foundation, founded in November 1962.

In his book Teeth of Time: Remembering Pierre Elliot Trudeau (PET) Ramsay Cook states on page 31 - In May 1966 we both attended a curious conference at Glendon College in Toronto convened by EPIC. Des Sparham, its organizer, was an Englishman who had worked to create "New Party Clubs"  Still some PET interest in EPIC three years later! Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Ramsay Cook were friends for nearly four decades.

Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau wasthe 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

He was born in Montreal, he was called to the Quebec Bar in 1944. One of the founders in 1950 of Cité Libre, a magazine opposed to the policies of Maurice Duplessis, then premier of Quebec, he began to practise law in Montreal in 1951. He urged the reform of the educational and electoral systems and the separation of Church and State in Quebec and in 1956 was active in the short-lived Rassemblement, a group of left-wing opponents of Duplessis. From 1961 to 1965 he was Associate Professor of Law at the University of Montreal and in 1965, having rejected the New Democratic Party for the Liberal Party, was elected to the House of Commons. In 1966 he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and in 1967, as Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, he opposed the separation of Quebec from the rest of Canada. In 1968 he succeeded Lester Pearson as federal leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister. He then called a general election at which his party secured an overall majority. His government was defeated in 1979, but returned to power in 1980. He retired from active politics in 1984 and published his memoirs in 1993.

"Just Society. As Prime Minister, Trudeau espoused participatory democracy as a means of making Canada a "Just Society". He defended vigorously the newly implemented universal health care and regional development programs as means of making society more just. He also implemented many procedural reforms, to make Parliament and the Liberal caucus meetings run more efficiently, significantly expanded the size and role of the Prime Minister's office, and substantially expanded the welfare state, with the establishment of new programmes, and significant improvements in existing ones, with welfare payments to the aged, the young, and the underprivileged greatly expanded in an attempt to bring about a European-style social democracy in Canada." quoted from Wikipedia
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