Item #5066 Autograph Signed Letter (ASL) of Major-General Sir Hereward, 13th Baronet Wake to Sara Mickle. Major-General Sir Hereward WAKE, 13th Baronet, Sara MICKLE, Sarah, provenance.
WAKE, Major-General Sir Hereward, 13th Baronet (1876-1963) & MICKLE, Sara (Sarah) [1853-1930] (provenance)

Autograph Signed Letter (ASL) of Major-General Sir Hereward, 13th Baronet Wake to Sara Mickle

Date Published: 1901
Binding: No binding

Autograph letter signed. One page, 4-3/4 x 7-3/8 inches, dated London 9 January 1901. To Sara Mickle of Toronto, acknowledging on Lord Roberts behalf, the receipt of the Calendar in which Field Marshall Lord Frederick Roberts was very pleased.

Very good condition. Sir Hereward Wake Bt, Aide de camp to Lord Roberts during the Boer War. Commissioned, King's Royal Rifle Corps 1897; South African War 1899-­ 1902; Aide de camp to FM Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl Roberts of Kandahar, Pretoria and Waterford 1900-­ 1901; War Office 1909; Bde Maj, 2 Bde, Aldershot Command 1911-­ 1913; World War I 1914-­ 1918; General Staff Officer Grade 3, General Headquarters, British Expeditionary Force (BEF), Aug 1914; General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1 Army Corps 1915; War Office 1915-­ 1916; General Staff Officer Grade 1, Home Forces and 61 Div, France 1916-­ 1917; Brigadier General, General Staff, Supreme War Council, Versailles, France 1917-­ 1919; Commander, 4 Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps, India 1920-­ 1923; 162 (East Midland) Territorial Infantry Bde 1928-­ 1929; 12 Infantry Bde, Dover 1929-­ 1932; 46 (North Midland) Div, Territorial Army 1934-­ 1937; retired 1937; Commander, Northants Home Guard 1940-­ 1943; Col Commandant, 1 Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps 1938-­ 1945

MICKLE, SARA (Sarah), was a local local historian and heritage preservationist. Born in Guelph and moved to Toronto in 1879. She was seventh of thirteen children and never married. Her greatest passion throughout her life was the preservation of Canada's past. Sara Mickle is the author of "Colborne Lodge" and "The owner of Colborne Lodge" in Women's Canadian Hist. Soc. of Toronto
Item #5066

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