Autographed Signed memo and cut signature of Harry Phillips Davis

Date Published: 1926
Binding: No binding

Autograph memorandum signed, one page small , 7 x 4 inches, dated March 2, 1926. Sending his autograph, also present on accompanying 1-1/2 x 3 inch card.

Radio pioneer. Harry Phillips Davis. After starting his career at the Thompson Houston Co. in 1891, Davis resigned and moved to East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to work for Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. Davis presented Westinghouse Management with an opportunity to develop what is known as "electrical detail apparatus," which are devices such as switches, insulators and rheostats.

"If Frank Conrad, as some have claimed, is the father of today's radio broadcasting, H. P. Davis is the godfather. It was Mr. Davis who saw the possibilities of radio broadcasting as a medium of mass communications and it was he who approved the creation of KDKA, a byproduct of the Westinghouse Co.' from
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