Item #4922 Signature of Dr. Thomas Chisholm. Dr. Thomas CHISHOLM.
CHISHOLM, Dr. Thomas [1842-1931] 

Signature of Dr. Thomas Chisholm

Date Published: 1903
Binding: No binding

7-1/4 x 5 inch removed book page "To JS Souiers with the Compliments of the Author. 4/7/03" Dr. Thomas Chisholm was a Medical doctor, politician and author of Dialogues on British History, 1903, Briggs. He was a high school teacher in Fergus and in in 1879, he graduated from the Toronto School of Medicine to become a country doctor in the Fergus and Arthur area of Ontario. In 1904 he was elected by a majority to represent East Huron in the Federal House as their MP, and four years later he was again returned. In 1911, he retired from public life. His speech in the House on Imperial Unity was of a high order, and ended with a poem he himself composed.
Item #4922

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