Item #4912 Unsigned typed note of William Arthur Deacon to Joan Hollobun. WilliamAutographed Signed Letter Arthur DEACON, Joan HOLLOBUN.
DEACON, WilliamAutographed Signed Letter Arthur [1890-1977] & HOLLOBUN, Joan

Unsigned typed note of William Arthur Deacon to Joan Hollobun

Date Published: ND
Binding: No binding

8 x 6 inches, Typed note, unsigned. Undated. interoffice note, to Joan Hollobun.Left paper edges ragged and missing some paper, agetoned, more so on the left side, old pad along the 8 inch horizontal, otherwise good condition.

Note contents; Joan Holobun: Faith of Our Fathers Would you like to write a note on this for the Church page ? I don't want it for Book and Mr. Doyle thinks your department might take over such things. Thanks Bill Deacon.

William Arthur Deacon was a Canadian literary critic and editor. He was the literary editor of Saturday Night (1922-8), the Mail and Empire (1928-36), and the Globe and Mail (1936-60). William Arthur Deacon (1890-1977) was Canada’s best-known bookman. He aimed to create a readership for the appreciation of Canadian writers and for the purchase of Canadian books. William Arthur Deacon was the individual who was responsible for coming up with the idea of the Governor General’s Literary Awards through his colleagues at the Canadian Authors Association.
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