MacKenzie King typed signed letter (TSL) marked "personal" William Lyon MacKenzie KING.
MacKenzie King typed signed letter (TSL) marked "personal"

MacKenzie King typed signed letter (TSL) marked "personal"

Date Published: 1937
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No binding

September 15, 1937, 8 x 6 1/4 inches, 4pp., Letter, is two (2) typed pages with MacKenzie's handwriting inserted, originally folded now flat, with 3/8 inch tear on top edge and 1/4 inch tear on bottom edge, otherwise very good condition. Typed signed letter (TSL) with MacKenzie King signature and mention of Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940 as well as WLMK's family roots connections.

Mrs. Mary Scott, Toronto, Ont. A friend of MacKenzie's parents and whom he had ongoing personal correspondence with after this. WLKM had very few friends or family and rarely showed his private side in public which makes these type of personal communications insightful and rare. Highly collectable.

Dated September 15, 1937 on Laurier House, Ottawa letterhead where Mackenzie King resided as Prime Minister. Personal signed letter from Prime Minister Mackenzie King to Mary (Mrs. R.F. Scott) Toronto Ontario.

Hand written salutation: My dear Mary:

Typed body of letter:

The last time I saw you was in the Gallery of the House of Commons on the day that Mr. Neville Chamberlain took his seat for the first time as Prime Minister. I was indeed sorry not to be able to have a word with you, either at that moment , or at any other in the course of our stay in London. My time , however, as you know was far from my own throughout the whole of that period . You may have seen that I visited Scotland before Going to the Continent and returning to Canada. While in Scotland, I visited the home in which my father ' s father , John King, was born. It is at Ladysford, near Tyrie , which is near Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire This visit has caused me to gather together what information I can concerning my father's people. There was no one living, so far as I know who had the same knowledge of my father's father and mother as your own mother. I have always been under the impression that your father's people or your mother's people had been friends of my grandmother Macdougall through the Kings in Scotland . Among the records I have secured, there is one of an Alexander Thom who , in 1863, married a Jane King. As my father had a cousin named Jane , I am wondering whether this marriage might not, in some way have served to link our families . On the other hand, I run not at all sure that the Jane relationship did not come in from the Macdougall, rather than the King side, and it is quite possible that your mother s friendship my grandmother family was through the Macdougalls rather than through the Kings. Do you by any chance recall anything Mrs . Thom may have told you concerning my father's people , or of my father ' s mother's people? Perhaps there is something your mother may have told you that would be of interest, and would help me to trace further along the road of the past , the families that have an immediate association. I shall not be surprised if you have no information or if I should find it difficult to secure much more than I already have. It is amazing how quickly the memories of those who have gone fade into oblivion. I hope you are keeping very well. With my kindest remembrances , Believe me , as always, MacKenzie King signature:

Mrs. R. F. Scott, 5 Rosedale Road, Toronto, Ontario

William Lyon Mackenzie King, PC, OM, CMG (December 17, 1874 – July 22, 1950) was a Canadian lawyer, economist, university professor, consultant, civil servant, journalist, teacher, and politician. He served as the tenth Prime Minister of Canada from December 29, 1921, to June 28, 1926; September 25, 1926, to August 6, 1930; and October 23, 1935, to November 15, 1948. With over 21 years in the office, he was the longest-serving Prime Minister in British Commonwealth history. He is commonly known either by his full name or as Mackenzie King.

His Grandfather was William Lyon Mackenzie, a journalist, politician and leader of the Upper Canada Rebellion.
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