Item #3514 Niagara Falls Honeymoon Bridge Collapse 4 Photos taken January 30,1938. ANON.

Niagara Falls Honeymoon Bridge Collapse 4 Photos taken January 30,1938

Date Published: 1938

Size each of the 4 photos: 5" x 7". Unknown photographer.

Written in pencil on the back “January 30, 1938, just three days after the collapse.

One photo has a 1/2” oval hole from being torn from the photo album it was mounted in.

Condition Very Good. “The Collapse of the Honeymoon Bridge

On January 23rd 1938, a sudden wind storm on Lake Erie sent a deluge of ice down river and over the Falls. Within twelve hours the river below the Falls was jammed with ice of such enormous proportions that the ice pressure pushing against the bridge abutments and the hinge supports of the arch caused severe structural damage. It was only a matter of time until the bridge would collapse.

The bridge remained intact for several days, drawing thousands of people who came to wait for the end of the bridge to come.

The end of the Upper Steel Arch Bridge (Honeymoon Bridge) came at 4:20 p.m. on January 27th 1938, when the span broke free and fell into the gorge onto the ice on the river below. The ice had pushed the bridge away from its abutment on the American side causing the bridge to be pulled of its abutment on the Canadian shore. It fell to the river in one piece.

On February 2nd, salvage operations began with attempts to break the bridge into four parts and to remove the debris lying on the slopes of the gorge walls” Quoted from the NiagaraFrontier dot com web site on the Madison Sale page
Item #3514

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