The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir. Agnes STRICKLAND, Alaric WATTS, Mary HOWITT.
The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir
The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir
The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir

The New Year's Gift and Juvenile Souvenir

Place Published: London
Publisher: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green
Date Published: 1831
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: Hard Cover

14x9cm, 240 pages, Bound in quarter leather, marble boards, yellow end papers. The spine is sun faded, rubbed at the edges with a 2cm loss to leather at the bottom of the spine, board corners worn, boards age discoloured. Lacking frontis plate but the other seven engravings by the artists of the day including; J. Wright, H. Rolls etc. are present as listed, end papers, half title and title pages age discoloured, the text pages are remarkably clean and bright, except on the pages facing the engravings which are age browned, inner hinges and binding solid, no inscriptions. Overall condition fair.

The Literary Juvenile Souvenir was a pocket size annual, published every New Year in the early to mid 19th century.

Contents: thirty-four literary articles, stories and verses by the popular authors [ Miss [Agnes] Strickland] of the day including;

1. The Three Wishes, pp. 1-12, by Mary Howitt

2. Poetical Letter, pp. 13-18

3. The Bereaved Parent, p. 19-20

4. Tonina, pp. 21-35, by the Author of “Constantinople in 1828”

5. The Little Bird and its Mistress, pp. 36-37

6. Conversation on Mineralogy and Geology, pp. 38-56

7. The First Adventure of a Sailor, pp. 57-70, by the Author of “Ellen Cameron”

8. A Charade, p. 71

9. The Boat Launch, p. 72

10. The Broken Vase, pp. 73-92

11. The Immorality of the Soul, p. 93

12. The Little Romance Reader, pp. 94-110, by Miss Strickland

13. The Passage of an Indian Army, pp. 111-114, by Miss Jewsbury

14. The Cock, the Fox, and the Farm-Yard Dog. An Apologue, pp. 115-122, by Cornelius Webbe

15. A Poetical Chapter on Tails, pp. 123-127, by William Howitt

16. Who, or What am I? A Puzzle, pp. 128-131

17. The Little Savoyards, p. 132

18. The United Family, pp. 133-134

19. The Jungle. An Indian Story, pp. 135-141, by Miss Emma Roberts

20. A Godmamma’s Letter to a Little Boy, pp. 142-144, by Miss Jewsbury

21. I am far from Home, pp. 145-146, by Miss Jewsbury

22. A Brief Memoir of Constantine and Giovanni, pp. 147-168

23. A Conversation Versified, pp. 169-171

24. The Three Sisters. A Puzzle, pp. 172-179

25. The Soldier’s Widow, pp. 179-180, by N. P. Willis

26. The Cousins, pp. 181-200, by Miss Fry

27. Olden Times, pp. 201-206, by Mary Howitt

28. How to be Happy, pp. 207-210

29. Hymn, p. 211

30. The Butterfly, p. 212

31. The Captive, pp. 213-219

32. The Sanctuary, pp. 220-221

33. The Soldier’s Story, pp. 222-229, by Mary Howitt

34. How Disagreeable!, pp. 230-240
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