Item #3142 William Maxwell "Max" Aitken Beaverbrook, 1st Baron signature. William Maxwell "Max" Aitken BEAVERBROOK, 1st Baron.
William Maxwell "Max" Aitken Beaverbrook, 1st Baron signature
BEAVERBROOK, William Maxwell "Max" Aitken, 1st Baron [1879-1964]

William Maxwell "Max" Aitken Beaverbrook, 1st Baron signature

Place Published: London
Date Published: 1923
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No binding

An early Lord Beaverbrook small (5 x 6.5 inches) letterhead note paper with Lord Beaverbrook signature. He was granted a peerage in 1917 as the 1st Baron Beaverbrook, the name "Beaverbrook" being adopted from a small community near his boyhood home. The note is dated 17, July, 1923

“Dear Sir, Replying to your letter of June, I attached Lord Beaverbrooks’ autograph. Yours faithfully, A.E Alexander

Gerorge Smith Esq. Depart. of Mines, Sydney, New South Wales.

William Maxwell Beaverbrook "Max" Aitken, 1st Baron. “Somebody once asked him if "Max" was short for Maximilian. He said it was short for Maximultimillion. Multimillionaire, press baron and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Max Aitken was, in his time, the most powerful Canadian on the world stage. He is the stuff of legend. The Canadian-born son of a Presbyterian minister, Aitken didn't start off as a tycoon. At age 20, he was flat broke, running a bowling alley in Canada. By age 32, he was living the high life in London as a multimillionaire, a knight and a member of the British parliament. Aitken eventually climbed to the heights of the British aristocracy--taking the title Lord Beaverbrook, befriending Winston Churchill and building the world's greatest newspaper empire. Not bad for a kid from New Castle, New Brunswick! Beaverbrook: The Various lives of Max Aitken paints a candid and intriguing portrait of this larger-than-life personality and delves into the controversy surrounding Beaverbrook's insatiable appetite for power, money and women.” quoted from Canadian National Film Board description of their film on him

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