Item #3129 Province of Canada Land Grant to Hosea Bull of Farnham in the Township of Farnham. Charles Stanley 4th Viscount Monck  MONCK, Andrew RUSSELL, Hosea G. BULL.
MONCK, Charles Stanley 4th Viscount Monck [1819 - 1894] & RUSSELL, Andrew [1804-1888] & BULL, Hosea G. (1823-1906)

Province of Canada Land Grant to Hosea Bull of Farnham in the Township of Farnham

Place Published: Ottawa
Publisher: Province of Canada
Date Published: 1866
Edition: 1st Edition

19-7/8 x 20 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript and transfer document with docketing information handwritten on verso. Faded seal, agetoned, some spotting, otherwise very good condition. Some content and detail...

Hosea Bull of Farnham Mechanical in the Township of Farnham…in the County of Brome…Seventy-five dollars…Fifty acres…The West half of the North half Two in the Third Range in the Township of Farnham aforesaid…Feb. 16, 1866… Hosea Bull was married to Bull Hannah. He is buried in the Bullsburg Cemetery, E. Farnham, Québec. The County of Brome is located in the Eastern Townships, in Québec.

Charles Stanley Monck was the last Governor General of the Province of Canada and the first Governor General of Canada after Canadian Confederation. Prior to Confederation he was concurrently Lieutenant Governor of both Canada West and Canada East. Lord Monck served as the Governor of the province of Canada and the Governor General of British North America from 1861 to 1867. Lord Monck worked hard to build Confederation. His efforts to unite and stabilize the young country were recognized with his appointment to the position of Canada's first Governor General in 1867.

Andrew Russell (1804-1888), Assistant Commissioners of Crown Lands for the Province of Canada 18 July 1857, to 30 June 1867
Item #3129

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