Item #3124 Province of Canada Land Grant to Northern Railway of Canada in the Village Plot of Amsterdam in the County of York (West Gwillimbury Township). Charles Stanley 4th Viscount Monck  MONCK, Andrew RUSSELL, Edmund Allen MEREDITH.
MONCK, Charles Stanley 4th Viscount Monck [1819 - 1894] & RUSSELL, Andrew [1804-1888] & MEREDITH, Edmund Allen [1817-1899]

Province of Canada Land Grant to Northern Railway of Canada in the Village Plot of Amsterdam in the County of York (West Gwillimbury Township)

Place Published: Québec
Publisher: Province of Canada
Date Published: 1863
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No binding

15-3/4 x 14-3/4 inches, was folded now flat, typed and handwritten manuscript and transfer document with docketing information handwritten on verso. Faded seal, agetoned, some spotting, small 1/4 inch hole near but not touching Monck signature and creases, otherwise very good condition. Some content and detail...

Northern Railway of Canada…Village Plot of Amsterdam in the County of York…Eight dollars and twenty five cents…Five acres and a half…That part of the Village Plot of Amsterdam, one chain width, set off and taken by the Northern Railway Company of Canada between Lot number Twelve in the Old survey of the said village. Plot and the South Boundary thereof for the purposes of their road and as located at the date of this Grant through the said Village Plot…

The Northern Railway of Canada was a historical Canadian railway located in the province of Ontario. It was eventually acquired by the Grand Trunk Railway, and is therefore a predecessor to the modern Canadian National Railway. The railway was originally known as the Toronto, Simcoe & Lake Huron, but soon became the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron, both names referring to the three lakes the railway connected. The line ran roughly north out of Toronto to Newmarket, then northeast to Bradford and Allandale (now part of Barrie) before turning west to Collingwood. Wikipedia

The town plot of Amsterdam was said to have first been surveyed in 1837, and there are registered plans for it dated 1854 and 1866 in the York Region Land Registry Office in Newmarket. It was located on part lots 19-20 in Concession 2 West Gwillimbury Township, which was later shown in the 1878 Miles Atlas for York County as part of "North King Township." That map (p. 32) shows the line of the Northern Railway cutting across these lots, towards a couple of sawmills on the Holland River. The surrounding land was owned by Thompson Smith. The village was later re-named as Manheim. It didn't develop into a settlement (due to its remote location?), and it reverted back to township lots which were patented by the nearby lumber company in 1869.

Charles Stanley Monck was the last Governor General of the Province of Canada and the first Governor General of Canada after Canadian Confederation. Prior to Confederation he was concurrently Lieutenant Governor of both Canada West and Canada East. Lord Monck served as the Governor of the province of Canada and the Governor General of British North America from 1861 to 1867. Lord Monck worked hard to build Confederation. His efforts to unite and stabilize the young country were recognized with his appointment to the position of Canada's first Governor General in 1867.

Andrew Russell, Assistant Commissioners of Crown Lands for the Province of Canada 18 July 1857, to 30 June 1867.

Edmund Allen Meredith (1817-1899) CMG, LL.D., M.A., was Under Secretary of State for Canada; a prison reformer, writer, president of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec and the third principal of McGill University from 1846 to 1853. Meredith is best remembered for his role in prison reform, of which he was an active exponent. He also founded the Ottawa Art Association, served as President of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, the Park Lawn Tennis Club (Toronto), the Civil Service Board, the Ottawa Literary and Scientific Society, and Vice-President of the Astronomical and Physical Society of Toronto, and finally the part-time position in retirement as Vice-President of the Toronto Loans and Assurance Company (a.k.a. Toronto General Trusts).
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