Item #2885 George Washington Goethals, engineer, Panama Canal signature. George Washington GOETHAIS.
GOETHAIS, George Washington (1858-1928)

George Washington Goethals, engineer, Panama Canal signature

Date Published: 1923
Edition: 1st Edition

George Washington Goethals (1858-1928) Engineer. Goethals is best known for his supervision of construction and the opening of the Panama Canal.  4 ½”x 3 inch sheet of paper, signed and dated Nov. 16, 1923.  Appointed by Theodore Roosevelt as chief engineer for the Panama Canal 1907; military governor of the Canal Zone 1914-1917.  From 1919 to 1928 Goethals was President of George W. Goethals and Company, a New York engineering firm and Advisor and Consulting Engineer to the Port Authority of New York. Goethals died on January 21, 1928, in New York City. Many tributes have been paid to Goethals by distinguished persons. Of these, the following most represents consensus about the man and about his achievements.

"Colonel Goethals proved to be the man of all others to do the job. It would be impossible to overstate what he has done. It is the greatest task of any kind that any man in the world has accomplished during the years that Goethals has been at work. It is the greatest task of its own kind that has ever been performed in the world at all. Colonel Goethals has succeeded in instilling into the men under him a spirit which elsewhere has found only in a few victorious armies." quoted from pancanal dot com website
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