French Document, Royal Seat of Carhaix. ANON.
French Document, Royal Seat of Carhaix

French Document, Royal Seat of Carhaix

Date Published: 1789
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No binding

French legal document dated 27 June, 1789 from the Royal Seat of Carhaix, Brittany, France. This is a worn pigs skin folio sheet on which the writing is significantly obscured. Pages 1 and 4 are somewhat legible, while pages 2 and 3 are darkened and far from it. The signature on the document is all but illegible. The document appears to address “civil causes”. The temporal placement of the document is interesting, as the Estates General was meeting in the spring of 1789 and on this particular day troops were beginning to gather around Paris. The pigs skin itself is quite sturdy, though the ink is faded and very hard to read.
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