Item #2714 Louis P. Brodeur signature. Louis Philippe  BRODEUR, 1862 - 1924.
BRODEUR, Louis Philippe [1862 - 1924]

Louis P. Brodeur signature

Date Published: ND

Speaker of the House of Commons

Judge, Supreme Court

Minister of Marine and Fisheries under Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier. “As Minister of marine and fisheries, Brodeur also dealt with the creation of a Canadian navy, which had become a crucial issue given German military threats in Europe. On 29 March 1909, on a motion by George Eulas Foster*, the House of Commons agreed in principle to the creation of a Canadian navy. In August 1909 Brodeur and Borden represented Laurier at another imperial conference. After strong opposition from the Canadian delegates, Great Britain’s first lord of the Admiralty, Reginald McKenna, abandoned the idea of including Canada in his imperial navy. He agreed that Britain should lend two warships and that Canada would organize its own naval defence. In his capacity as minister of marine and fisheries, Brodeur.” quoted from DCB on-line.
Item #2714

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