Item #2559 A Canada Company Office Toronto (with logo) receipt - Document signed. Alfred WILLSON, John Esq GALT, John Esq GALT, Canada Company.
A Canada Company Office Toronto (with logo) receipt - Document signed
WILLSON, Alfred (1833-1909) & GALT, John Esq. [1779-1839] (Canada Company)

A Canada Company Office Toronto (with logo) receipt - Document signed

Place Published: Toronto
Publisher: Canada Company Office
Date Published: 1894

A Canada Company Office Toronto receipt for the amount of $10.94. It is a rent payment for lease No.7538 CR dated Feb 19, 1894 and signed by the Commissioner Alfred Willson.

On the front is the Canada Company crest. On the back is a Canada Company policy statement on payments under the heading of “Settler’s Savings Bank Account”. It says “Notice To Lessee Settlers who may have any Spare Cash”…like that was very common in 1894 Huron or Bruce counties. And surprise, the policy is if the settler has spare cash, the Company will take it! The item is 7 by 6 inches and is in very good condition. Here is an outstanding piece of 19th century rural Huron County history about the Canada Company. The Canada Company was responsible for the settlement of Huron and parts of Bruce County.

Alfred Willson started with the Canada Company in 1866 and remained their until his death in 1909 when he was the Senior Commissoner.

The Canada Company, a charter company established to aid in the colonization of Upper Canada. John Galt (1779-1839), the famous author and poet was the first commissioner. Galt founded the city of Guelph, Upper Canada

The company assisted in the migration of new settlers, bringing them to the area (Goderich) by means of a boat, which the company also owned, on Lake Ontario. The town of Goderich, Ontario was probably the center of the Canada Company activity with the Companies’ headquarters in Guelph Upper Canada.

The company was dissolved on December 18, 1953.
Item #2559

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