Item #2323 New North Brition [Scotland] Edinburgh Sat. May 12 1832. Newspaper.
New North Brition [Scotland] Edinburgh Sat. May 12 1832

New North Brition [Scotland] Edinburgh Sat. May 12 1832

Place Published: Edinburgh
Publisher: New North Brition
Date Published: 1832
Edition: 1st
Binding: No binding

[original publication, North Brition” by John Wilkes 1725 - 1797] A point of view from unknown source about the name NORTH BRITION...

“Britain is the union between Scotland and England and nothing else, it never managed to amount to a cultural identity. "Britishness" died still-born back in the early 1700s.

Soon after the act of Union, it was 'encouraged' for all Scots to think themselves no longer Scottish, but North Britons. Some went for that. Unfortunately it was a one sided affair as no English would accept the term South Briton

There was a brief attempt to have a North Briton and a South Brition, but the "South Britons" didn't seem interested in stopping being English. Good for them. The future is of the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh co-existing and combining politically or not as it suits them, not being some kind of "world-citizens" when the rest of the world isn't interested in having them.

Incidently, are you arguing that the term North Brition and it's usage in describing Scotland, originated and was popularised solely in Scotland. Yes it was, Scotsmen who called themselves North Britons, as SouthernJock pointed out, no Englishman called himself a South Briton, and I have already given the example of Earl of Bute and Tobias Smollett’s The Briton and John Wilkes opposing paper The North Briton, you could dig up more if you were so inclined. Can you name me any Englishmen who enthusiastically embraced the concept of Britishness?”

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