The Odd-Fellows Offering for 1853 New York. John Wedderburn Dunbar MOODIE, Other Members of the Odd-Fellows Order , husband of Susanna Moodie.

The Odd-Fellows Offering for 1853 New York

Place Published: New York
Publisher: Edward Walker
Date Published: 1853
Edition: 1st
Binding: Hard Cover

First edition. 5 x 8 inches. (7)[5]-298pp. New leather spine with 5 bands and gilt type on leather label, new marbled paper over boards and new endpapers. There are 10 fine steel engraved plates including a view of West Point, Wetzel, the Indian-hunter. The Presentation plate is a facsimile of a Illuminated Manuscript. Insides are very clean.

A pencil and small K stamp on the title page. There is some very light foxing on some pages, otherwise, condition is very good. A nice copy!

Every year, the Odd Fellows issued an Offering, a selection of poetry, short stories and biographical features written by members, wives and "sisters." The Offering apparently began in 1842 and this is the 11th annual volume published. With much moralistic poetry penned by such writers as Mrs. Elizabeth Eames, Rev. Bro. Nelson Brown, J.R. Thompson, J.C. Hagen, and others; short stories written by P.G. Benson J. Lossing, Mrs. M.L. Gardner, E. Louisa Mather and others; and a biographical sketch of William W. Moore, Grand Sire. J.W. Dunbar Moodie, husband of Susanna Moodie, with his poem "Song of Praise to the Creator" on page 223/224 of Canadian interest.


Dedication by Mrs. E.J. Eames

Margaret, or the Victim of Infidelity by Mrs. E.J. Eames

A New-Year’s Greeting to my Daughter by James Nack

Old Bachelors by An Old Maid

The Bachelor Reclaimed by Henry T. Tuckerman

Biographical Sketch of William W. Moore, Grand Sire

Love and Brotherhood by Rev. Bro. Nelson Brown

The Vest-Maker by Mrs. E. Louisa Mather

Visit the Sick by Amelia S. Richards

South Ridge by Alfred B. Street

The Spirit Message-Bird by Rev. Bro. Nelson Brown

The Law of Progress by James L. Ridgely

The Immortality of the Beloved by W. Gilmore Simms, Esq.

The Prisoner of War by Mrs. M.E. Hewitt

The City Belle beside the Brook by Thomas Mackellar

West Point by F. Saunders

To Pleasures of Pain

To One Afar by Estelle Anna Lewis

The Missing Miner by W.D. Wade

A Picture by J.R. Thompson

The Happiest Day of My Life by J.C. Hagen

Truth by Mrs. E.J. Eames

Prayer by Mrs. E.J. Eames

The First Founder - Thomas Wildey by E.J.E.

Grandfather Knickerbocker by P.G. Benson J. Lossing

I am Weary by E.A.W. Hopkins

Colonal Duncan’s Funeral by H.T. Tuckerman

Facts and Fancies about Flowers by F. Saunders

Thou art Sleeping by Miss M.E. Wilson

The Look by E.J. Eames

The Grave in the Forest by A. Southron

Waking, I gather by Il Penseroso

Autumnal Quiet by Thomas Mackellar

Evening Reflections by Rev. Bro. C. Hartley

Morning-Symbol of Life by W.H. Bristol

A Day on the Hudson by Mrs. M.L. Gardiner

Lost and Won by P.G.S.D. Harris

Old Mary the Hermitess by J.C. Hagen


Washington Crossing the Delaware

Song of Praise to the Creator by J.W. Dunbar Moodie

The Youth of Nain by James Batchellor

Home by A. Southron

The Young Philosophers by E. Louisa Mather

Words of Kindness by C.D. Stuart

The Evergreen and New-Year’s Day by A.R.F.

The Rival Pets - an impromptu by Aliquis

The Old Church by E. Louisa Mather

War by P.G.T. Austin

My Study by Estelle Anna Lewis

Wetzel, the Indian Hunter

The Stranger’s Grave by Mrs. E.A.W. Hopkinds

The Home of the Angelic Sisterhood by Rev. John Dowling

The Voyage of Life by Cornelia M. Dowling

Elizabeth Zane by Estelle

Lyndhurst Hall by Emily

The Goal by C.D. Stuart

Margaretta by George P. Morris

A Visit to the Graves of my Household by N.G. Foster

The Brother’s Address to his Dead Sister by W.R. Bristol

The Ferryman
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