Lord Durham Report Frosted Proof Silver Coin. Canadian Historical Association, Lord John George Lambton Earl of Durham DURHAM, subject.
Lord Durham Report Frosted Proof Silver Coin

Lord Durham Report Frosted Proof Silver Coin

Publisher: Franklin Mint
Date Published: 1978
Edition: 1st Edition
Binding: No binding


Issued in 1978 by the Franklin Mint as the series  " Official Medallic History of Canada  " in Frosted Proof  /  Ultra Heavy Cameo format....... This  Coin is made of Sterling Silver and is the size of a Canadian Toonie Coin. Approximately 11.55 gms and 3cm in diameter.

Obverse shows a " Lord Durham "  in frosted proof.... Reverse has an insigna of the Franklin Mint and the title " The Durham Report " in frosted proof. 

Good condition. 1839 - Lord Durham Report -   Frosted Proof Silver Coin designed to commemorate the Historicial Report to Parliament which he recomended recognition of the principial of Ministerial responsibility.

This coin was minted in Feb. 1978. There were 100 limited Edition Proof silver Medals Sets of 100 pcs Issued by the Canadian Historical Association and are of historic events in Canadian history.

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