Lord Durham appraisal service will appraise single books, maps, prints, manuscripts, entire collections and libraries, for both Private and Institutional collectors.

All appraisal work (donation, insurance, estate, cultural property, and other purposes) will be billed at an hourly rate or at a negotiated fixed fee. Our fee is based on the estimate time spent on the appraisal: including inspection, research, valuation and write-up. Travel time and out-of-pocket costs will also be billed. Estimates are provided before we begin for your agreement and approval. Our fees are not based on the value of the material being appraised. To discuss your appraisal specifics, please contact Duncan McLaren, phone 905 680-8115 or email.

Duncan McLaren (905) 680-8115 or email: , is a member of the following professional appraisal organization;

Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPAG)

CPPAG is a Canadian national, Personal Property Appraisal organization comprising a network of accredited appraisers spanning from coast to coast. Duncan McLaren is a member in good standing.

Was a member of International Society of Appraisers (ISA) for over 5 years (Sept. 2012 to Dec. 2017)

Other Assocaitions:
Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA)

Duncan's 30+ year experience as a collector, combined with his LDRB's retail and consulting experience offers an uncommon  practical side to performing an appraisal service. Duncan stays up-to-date with USPAP and appraisal techniques through various associations and memberships. Client's greatly benefit by attributes. Some client's testimonials include;

Institutional client: "Thank you for your appraisals. I find them to be very detailed and fair. We appreciate your professionalism and commitment. " David Sharron, Brock University

Private collector client: "Duncan provided not just financial values but also professional research and interesting background information on them. " R. R. Williamson. St. Catharines