About Duncan and LDRB

Collecting. I have enjoyed collecting books and other antiquarian items for over 30 years. During that time I believe I have gained an unparalleled amount of knowledge.  It is my love of antiquarian items, my desire to learn more, and my interest in assisting other collectors which ultimately influenced my decision to become a professional antiquarian seller.

Lord Durham Rare Books  (LDRB) was established as a professional full-time business in February of 2008 - since then, my personal approach and energy have helped both private and institutional collectors both enhance their collections and locate tomes which have been long sought after.

The core foundation of LDRB is built on both my positive and negative experiences as a collector. Two decades of owning and running a highly successful Marketing and Promotional agency in Toronto, McLaren Marketing Inc., also helped foster an entrepreneurial spirit -  a perfect fit for running an independent antiquarian business.

I realized there is a huge opportunity to significantly improve the kinds of personal services to both private and institutional collectors. Collecting interest, approach and fous has changed for virtually all collectors. The "vertical integration" of topics, content and depth means more interest and focus in scarce, rare and unique item that demonstrate more learning and understanding of a collecting topic. In fact, more interest in a "collection" of items.

To this end, we have established relationships with other "experts in the collections segment" to strenghten our people resources to meet changing needs and offer additional collection services.

Today, more than ever, special collections librarians (Institutional collectors) have less time and energy to "sort out and streamline" to define and prioritize a proactive wants list. We do.  The approach we take at LDRB is very simple. We work with each LDRB collector in a very personalized way.  My  attitude and approach is summed up in our statement, "Helping Collectors Collect®".

LDRB customers tell us they greatly appreciate and benefit from this approach and attitude. And we love doing it!
Please contact me at 905.680.8115 or email me at duncan@LDRB.ca to talk - about what else YOUR collection!