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For both our private collectors and institutional collectors we provide targeted offerings within their known interest or focus. 

We do this much more effectively with collectors who share with us what their collecting interests are, what they have in their collection already and of course any WANTS they are specifically looking for. The more we understand your collection, the more effective we can be in assiting you. Please let me know of your current wants and general interests.

There is a basic WANTS form to begin the collecting discussion process or you can call me at 905.680.8115 or email me at You can also register an account on this web site to communicate and update your collecting interests.
We assit you in your collecting and add value, fun and a high degree of interest in your collecting journey.

Don't you wish you could just talk to a knowledgeable person to ask questions and get an opinion or point of view. I come from a long collecting background and have a ton of empathy. Let me share my knowledge and learning and learn much more about your collection.

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Please consider letting us assist you on your collecting journey including finding any elusive items you just can't seem to find. Helping collectors collect is what we do best!



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